He felt oddly happy at the other’s encouragement. Perhaps he’d actually have to properly learn how to ride a horse.. Because frankly, he didn’t think this slow trotting didn’t really count for much. He couldn’t help keeping his fingers tightly on the reigns though. Slow or not slow, it still held the dangers of falling off.

He chuckled at the reference. “There’s even more animals if you headed out to Toucan Island, though those ones are far more exotic than the ones that lurk around town or in the forest. I’ve heard that the animals are the direct protectors of the Harvest Goddess, and her tree,” he explained. He gave a shrug. “You aren’t poking fun at my sexuality so that’s a start. But thank you, you’re quite kind yourself Kana. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being passionate about something. Besides, I know I can get a bit.. well, long-winded sometimes,” he added.

He gave a nod. “Yeah, this is the place. I bet if it’s anywhere, it’s here.” As he slowed his horse to a stop, he suddenly came to the realization that he’d have to get down off the horse. Looking down, the ground sure seemed far away. As Kana approached offering help, he nodded quickly and started the slow process of trying to ease of the horse. He could feel his heart going faster; this was obviously more nerve-racking than just getting on the horse.

"Whoa! Are you serious? Wow, I wonder…" Kana’s eyes glimmered in excitement, thinking about the possible creatures on Toucan Island. The  bit about the Harvest Goddess was believable, that kind of folklore seemed to be common."Now that you mention it, Selena’s from there, I bet she could tell me all about it~!" He nodded, he wasn’t sure what Selena had been up to lately, but the dancer seemed to tolerate him too.

Even though he had said he’d quiet down, Kana felt like he should reply. Nodding as Gill talked, he agreed with him. “Ah, well, there’s all sorts of people and there’s nothing wrong with that, yeah? It’s okay, Gill. If you ever need to talk to someone, I’ll listen. Though if it’s too technical you might lose me, woops.” Kana said, rubbing his neck. He wasn’t the best listener, to be honest, but if Gill would listen to him, then he should at least try to repay the favor.

Kana admittedly found it hilarious when people tried to get off horses. They never get it right the first time. Laughing, Kana said,”here, if you’re doing it that way..” Kana took hold of Gill’s hand to stabilize him. “Can you hop down now?”


His shoulders scrunched up when he saw Kana’s arm coming at him, but as he looked he was just holding it up for a high five. He’d have to be dumb not to know what Kana wanted, but… well, he’d never done one of those himself. It always seemed like something Luke and Owen would do, and of course they pull those all the time; he just never thought he’d do one himself. He reluctantly removed one hand from the reigns before lightly tapping Kana’s palm before quickly retracting it back to the reigns. It’s probably pretty obvious he hasn’t done that before.

He nods as Kana reassured and agreed with his plan. It made sense, and he supposed it was probably odd about the trees to anyone not living around here. He had a bit of difficulty just trying to explain it. “I did pass by those forests on my way to Konohana.” He almost wouldn’t mind hiking there maybe. Not too much of course, but just a bit. He nodded. “We do get bears, but a lot of other animals too. Raccoons, weasels, squirrels.. I think there’s a boar that likes to hang around Horn Ranch too. In fact, we have a lot of animals that live around Harmonica Town,” he explained. As they kept going along, he looked at Kana as he asked a question out of seemingly nowhere. “No, not at all.” The corners of his mouth twitch a bit upwards. “Definitely not compared to some people I know.”

That had to have been the most awkward high five Kana had ever received. But it was very much like Gill, and it somehow still felt like a successful high five. Feeling the tap of the others hand on his, Kana smiled. “Nice job.”

"Whoa, that sounds totally awesome. I really wanna see them for myself! Like, if we weren’t looking for that treasure right now, it would be the perfect way to spend the day~ It would be like, what was that guy with the boat… Noah’s Ark, yeah!" When Gill replied in the negative, Kana gave a happy smile of relief. "I think some people really find me obnoxious, they only seem to talk to me when they have to… But you’re a real nice guy, Gill. Thanks. I can’t promise that I can help myself from talking about my horses, but I hope that isn’t too damaging. All the same, I think I’ll stop talking now. Give your ears a break, yeah?" Kana smiled a bit bashfully, remembering how he’d already given the other one or two full on speeches before. It was best not to push his luck.

Finally, the trees in front of them thinned out and they found themselves in the middle of the clearing. Stepping off of his horse, Kana forgot his silence, lost in excitement. “Awright, this place has treasure written all over it!” Walking over to Gill’s horse he said, “Need a hand?”


"horses suk"

/frowns/ They do not! They are like, the most majestic and beautiful creatures! They are beyond helpful and totally loving too! /clenches fist/  I’m really upset you feel this way! Awright, let me explain to you why horses are great, Anon! /launches into a passionate speech about the many merits of horses/

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"ride-my-horse? thats not the only thing i want to ride around here"

Huh? Oh, sorry, you can’t ride the big fellas. /pats the big dogs/ It’s not good for their backs. But I heard in Castanet you can ride a lot of animals, maybe you should ask around there!

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Kana was having fun exploring, he had never been this far before. And it was exciting! There were weird flowers and shiny rocks, even the wind seemed to carry a different tune. Though there had been a cool rain just a day ago, the sunshine on his back as he rode his horse felt warm. Turning a bend, the horse boy was surprised to see what appeared to be giant apples rolling around. Apparently his horse was also surprised, because it spooked, rearing up and tossing Kana off of its back. He landed in a puddle of mud, splashing everywhere. Wiping his face off with his green bandages, Kana looked around. “Ouch.. Whoa, where’d they go?” The dancing apples were nowhere to be seen. He wondered if he had been hallucinating, but that would mean his horse had to have been affected too. After calling back his horse and calming it down, he looked down at himself and chuckled. “Oh man, I’m a mess! Luckily this sign says there’s a town nearby, so we’re in luck buddy. Maybe someone will borrow us a washtub.”

And that is how Kana ended up at Melody’s bathhouse, thankfully deciding to leave his horse outside before waltzing in and saying, “Awright, this place is perfect! Hey there, can I get a bath?”


"Anyone in town you would consider dating?"

 /taps fingers against chin/ Hmmmm, nah. Not at the moment.

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"Pony Play?"

 /grins/ Aw man, that sounds like fun! If you’ve got horses, bring them over and we can have a party! Brush their manes, braid their tails, bake horse treats.. Sounds like a blast! /totally doesn’t get it/

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> Smile right on back.

> Nods and takes his hand, shaking it.

I do, very much so. Hand fish? Fishing… with your hands?

> Looks down at his mits and shakes his head.

I’ve never tried that before.
A pleasure to meet you, Kana. 

That’s awesome! Fishing is totally cool. /nods enthusiastically, eyes bright/ Yeah! You just grab them out of the shallow pools with your hands! It’s really fun! Awww, that’s a shame, there’s no rocket science about it! And it’s really good for catching crabs, you know? They’re kinda small sometimes, but it’s all good! How can you be a fisherman without it? C’mon, c’mon! /grins and puts hands on hips/ I’ll show you how to! /looks from side to side/ Awright, are there any shallow pools nearby?

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After the initial panic had pretty much glazed over, he did sit up a bit straighter, though his hands only lightly let up their grip on the reigns. He eased the horse into slightly faster pace.  He still was a tad nervous, but.. he didn’t expect to feel so accomplished from this, to be completely honest. “I’m… I’m doing it- I’m riding a horse-” he says a bit excitedly, but also with astonishment. Though, a quick glance reminds him that Kana is still there and he quickly clears his throat and pretends he didn’t just say that.

"Well ah.. this path leads further in, to a clearing. It won’t do checking these trees, as these are the ones that never seem to stay in one place. If something was hidden inside them, it would be next to impossible to find it. The trees around the clearing don’t move however, as observed by the carpenters who frequent this forest. Those trees are actually quite thicker than these ones here in the main part of the forest. I couldn’t be surprised if one of them had a knothole large enough to hide something in. I think for now that’s our best bet," he explained.

Kana laughed a little, amused by the childlike happiness Gill was showing and went to give Gill a playful push. As if he could just cough that away! “That’s right! You totally-” But as Kana was extending his arm he realized Gill would probably freak and fall off the horse. So he stopped his hand short, holding it up for a high five. “-are.”

"Oooh! I see!" Kana nodded, his hair bobbing up and down. Forget his plan, Gill seemed to be on top of this. Kana was a little surprised, Gill didn’t seem much of an adventurer, but maybe he was! "Mhmm. Bigger trees does sound promising~! Awright, a clearing without these weird trees sounds like treasure to me! And bigger trees does sound promising, yeah! This is great~ We don’t have any weird trees in the mountain forest near Konohana, but this place does look like it a bit too. Do you guys get bears and honeybees in this place? We do.” Kana babbled on a bit, good at keeping conversation flowing. Turning to face to his treasure hunting partner, he asked him bluntly. “Hey Gill? Do you think I’m annoying?”

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